Question: Can AIF invest in LLP?

In light of the same, SEBI stated that the AIF Regulations indicate that BRT can invest in an LLP by way of capital contribution to such LLP.

Can an AIF be partner in LLP?

The corporate affairs ministry has allowed trusts including Real Estate Investment Trust, Alternate Investment Fund and Infrastructure Investment Trust to become partners in limited liability partnership.

What can an AIF invest in?

Category I AIF investments include SME funds, venture capital funds, infrastructure funds, social venture funds and other such specified AIFs.

Can AIF invest in listed companies?

In a circular on Monday, Sebi specified that the investment limit in listed equity has to be calculated based on the NAV of the fund on the business day immediately preceding the date on which the category III AIF makes investment.

Can an AIF invest in another AIF?

The Circular provides a framework for AIFs to invest in units of other AIFs alongside directly investing into investee companies. In other words, AIFs are now permitted to employ the fund-of-funds (“f-o-f”) strategy along with the direct investment strategy within the same fund.

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Can AIF invest in mutual funds?

AIFs invest in securities that go beyond the traditional investments such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., paving a way for investors to expose themselves to alternative securities that deliver higher returns.

Is an AIF a collective investment scheme?

The definition of a collective investment scheme does not exclude an AIF. The two definitions sit alongside each other and overlap extensively. Many AIFs will also be collective investment schemes.

Which is the best AIF in India?

Top 10 AIF in India / Best Ranked AIFs in the market

Rank AIFs Strategy
1 Abakkus Asset Manager Emerging Opportunities Fund
2 Roha Asset Managers Roha Emerging Companies Fund
3 Girik Advisors Girik Multicap Growth Equity Fund
4 Vishuddha Capital India Value and Growth Fund

How is AIF different from mutual fund?

Though mutual funds are also pass-through vehicles, you pay tax only when you redeem them units. Category III AIFs are not considered pass-through vehicles. As a result, the fund has to pay tax when the AIF realises its gains or gets other income such as interest.

Can NBFC invest in AIF?

Onshore debt investment options, namely non-banking financial companies (“NBFC”), asset reconstruction companies (“ARC”) and alternative investment funds (“AIF”) provide relatively more flexibility to lenders and borrowers to structure the debt investments, but are sought with challenges with respect to repatriation, …

Who can invest in AIF in India?

Structured similar to mutual funds, AIF is a privately pooled investment vehicle that collects money from sophisticated private investors, both from India and overseas, for investing with a defined investment policy. It has a minimum investment limit of ₹1 crore.

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Can an AIF be a company?

No scheme of an AIF (other than angel fund) shall have more than 1000 investors. (Please note that the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 shall apply to the AIF if it is formed as a company).

Can an AIF be open ended?

An AIF is open-ended if its units or shares may, at the request of any of its investors, be repurchased or redeemed prior to the commencement of its liquidation phase or wind-down, directly or indirectly, out of the assets of the AIF in accordance with the procedures and frequency set out in its constitutive and/or …

Are AIF regulated by SEBI?

The board of Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has approved amendments to the regulations for alternative investment funds (AIFs) during the meeting held on Friday. The changes are meant to ease compliance for AIFs, provide investment flexibility and streamline regulatory processes.

Are AIF regulated?

The AIF Regulations stipulate that every AIF established or incorporated in India for the purpose of pooling capital from domestic or foreign investors (certain types of AIFs are excluded from registration such as ESOP trusts, family trusts, holding companies, securitization trusts, etc.) is to be compulsorily …

Can AIF units be listed?

Units of close ended Alternative Investment Fund may be listed on stock exchange subject to a minimum tradable lot of one crore rupees. Such listing shall be permitted only after final close of the fund or scheme.