Why Majesco is giving huge dividend?

Company declared a massive dividend of INR 974/ share for FY20. This is mainly because in July, company sold its US arm for ~ INR 3,100 crore. Stock also showed a good rally in July from ~ INR 400 levels to current levels of ~INR 1000.

Why Majesco give so much dividend?

Why such huge dividend payout? Dividends paid by Majesco in recent years hovered in the range of Re 1 to Rs 2 per share. However, the company decided to sell the business. The sale proceeds after accounting for expenses and capital gains tax, led to cash accumulation of Rs 1028 per share in its books.

Why Majesco is giving huge dividends Quora?

The stock MAJESCO is giving dividends thatare too high in the industry, this stock after dividends will be adjusted and the price would be around 20–30 ra or may be even less than this.

Is Majesco a good buy now?

Majesco is still a bargain right now according to my price multiple model, which compares the company’s price-to-earnings ratio to the industry average. … The stock’s ratio of 0.085x is currently well-below the industry average of 16.63x, meaning that it is trading at a cheaper price relative to its peers.

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How much dividend is Majesco giving?

The board of directors of Majesco, at its meeting held on December 15, 2020, had approved an interim dividend of Rs 974 (19,480 per cent) per equity share of face value of Rs 5 each for the financial year 2020-2021.

What is wrong Majesco?

On Tuesday, shares of Majesco declined as investors chose to sell, rather than be taxed for dividend income. The stock was down by half a percent a day after the company announced an interim dividend of Rs 974 per share for the financial year 2020-21.

Is Majesco an Indian company?

Aurum Ventures Pvt. Ltd has signed a pact to buy out Mumbai-listed Majesco Ltd’s controlling shareholders, eight months after Chicago-based private equity firm Thoma Bravo acquired the Indian company’s main US business.

Should I buy Majesco share Quora?

Since the company is distributing such huge dividends, it shows that it does not have any plans to grow and mostly it is on the verge of closure. So It is not advisable to invest in Majesco. There are many fundamentally strong company out there in Indian Market to look.

What is future of Majesco share?

Majesco Inr5 MAJESCO share price targets for March month are 89.68 on upside & 86.93 on downside. These share price targets given for MAJESCO LIMITED INR5 MAJESCO are very strong targets and levels, and are valid for immediate and current trading for the month of March 2022. Upside Price target. 433.70.

Is Majesco a good company?

Majesco is a good organization to work. Work culture is very competitive There are very good people in the organization who helps in individual’s growth in professionally. Majesco team organizes the fun activities.

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What will happen to Majesco share?

Majesco Ltd announced that its Board of Directors had approved payment of interim dividend at the rate of 19,480% for the financial year 2020-21! This means that the company will pay Rs 974 per equity share of the face value of Rs 5 each.

Which company gives highest dividend in India?

Highest Dividend Yield Shares

S.No. Name Qtr Sales Var %
1. I O C L 62.36
2. REC Ltd 10.48
3. Power Fin.Corpn. 4.02
4. NMDC 34.87

Why Majesco is in upper circuit?

Majesco share price was locked in 5 percent upper circuit on March 22 after Aurum Platz IT Private Limited made an open offer for acquiring up to 74,43,720 fully paid-up equity shares, representing 26 percent stake, of Majesco from the public shareholders.

Which company gives best dividend in India?

Summary Table Of Best Dividend Stocks to buy

Sr. No Company Name Rating
1 Bajaj Auto 4.5
2 GAIL 2
3 Hindustan Zinc 3
4 SJVN 1