Can I use CPF Special Account to buy shares?

If you want to invest your CPF OA in shares, you have to open a CPF investment account with an approved CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) agent. There are only three approved CPFIS agents in Singapore, the three local banks.

Can I invest my CPF Special Account?

The CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) lets you invest your Ordinary Account (OA) and Special Account (SA) savings in a wide range of investments to enhance your retirement savings.

What can the CPF Special Account be used for?

We mentioned above that the CPF Special Account is meant for financial needs after retirement, and can be used for investments in retirement-related financial products. It primarily exists to help Singaporeans to save for future retirement needs, hence it enjoys a higher interest rate of 4%.

Where can I invest my special account?

As long as you have more than $40,000 accumulated in your SA, you can invest part of it in products such as Singapore Government Bonds, endowments, annuities, and selected Investment Linked Policies (ILPs) and unit trusts.

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Can I use CPF Special Account to buy ETF?

Broadly speaking, using your OA savings to invest under CPFIS-OA will give you more investment product options to choose from, including shares, gold and higher-risk ETFs and unit trusts. These investments aren’t allowed under CPFIS-SA.

How do I transfer from special account to ordinary account?

Apply To Transfer OA To SA Online

  1. Log on to with your SingPass.
  2. Select “My Request” from the panel at the left.
  3. Expand the options under “Building Up My/ My Recipient’s CPF Savings.
  4. Under “Using CPF”, select Transfer From My Ordinary Account to My Special Account.

Can I use special account to pay HDB loan?

Early Repayment of HDB Loan

You are allowed to use savings from your Ordinary Account, but do take note that housing limits set by CPF may apply. Find out more about how you can make a partial capital repayment or redemption of HDB housing loan.

Can I withdraw my special account after 55?

After members reach age 55 and have set aside the Full Retirement Sum (FRS), they will be able to withdraw the remaining balances from their Special Account (SA) first and then Ordinary Account (OA).

Can I use my CPF Special Account for housing loan?

I have an existing property financed with OA savings

Savings in your Retirement Account (if you are above 55), Special Account and OA can be used to meet your BRS requirement. No further CPF usage is allowed thereafter. If you are below age 55, the BRS applicable to you is the current BRS.

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How can I withdraw money from my CPF Special Account?

Log in to your bank’s internet / mobile banking application. At the PayNow registration screen, link your Singapore NRIC to your bank account. To make a CPF withdrawal, go to and log in with your Singpass.

What is the difference between CPF Ordinary Account and Special Account?

Under CPF Investment Scheme-Ordinary Account (CPFIS-OA), investments may only be made using Ordinary Account savings while under CPF Investment Scheme-Special Account (CPFIS-SA), investments may only be made using Special Account savings.

Can you transfer from OA to SA after 55?

CPF transfers

If you are below age 55, you can transfer your OA savings to your SA to earn higher interest. If you are aged 55 and above, you can set aside more savings for your needs in retirement by transferring your SA or OA savings to your RA2.

Can I use CPF to buy gold?

Yes, you may use CPF funds to buy, subject to the rules of the CPF Investment Scheme, including your available gold limit. Your gold holdings with UOB will be reflected in your CPF Investment Account monthly statement.

Can I use SRS to buy shares?

Yes you can. Before submitting an SRS trade, you need to open an SRS Investment Account with an agent bank. The SRS Investment Scheme account number also needs to be updated into your Trading account with us.

How do I transfer money from CPF to investment account?

Transfer from CPF Investment Account to CPF Ordinary Account

  1. Select “More Investment Services” under the “Invest” tab on the top navigation.
  2. Under the “Manage Investments” category, select “Refund to CPF Board”.
  3. Select “Refund Full Amount” or “Refund Partial Amount”. …
  4. Read the agreement, then click “Next”.
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What can SRS be used to invest in?

Funds in SRS accounts can be used to invest in a selected range of financial instruments, including stocks, unit trusts, fixed deposits, and single premium insurance products, including endowment plans. SRS funds cannot be used for property investments.