How do I copy a shared folder and keep permissions?

To preserve permissions when files and folders are copied or moved, use the Xcopy.exe utility with the /O or the /X switch. The object’s original permissions will be added to inheritable permissions in the new location.

How do I copy a shared folder without losing permission?

Usually, if you copy or drag and drop a shared folder to another location, it inherits the permissions and properties of the drive or folder to which you copy it. To copy shared folders without losing attributes or share permissions, you must use the XCOPY command in Windows.

How do I copy a shared folder with permissions to another drive?

How to move Shared folder to another Drive with Permissions in Google Drive

  1. Right-click on the folder you want to share and click Share.
  2. Click on the Settings icon.
  3. Make sure to tick “ Editors can change permissions and share”.
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How do I copy a folder and keep permissions?

Click “Advanced” and then “Change Permissions…” Click “Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent” to uncheck the box and then click “Add” to copy the inherited permissions directly to the files. Click “OK” three times to save your changes.

How do I copy files without changing permissions?

Preserve File Permissions Using cp

You can use the -p option of cp to preserve the mode, ownership, and timestamps of the file. However, you will need to add the -r option to this command when dealing with directories. It will copy all sub-directories and individual files, keeping their original permissions intact.

How can you prevent this folder from being moved but still allow it to be copied what steps do you take?

From Windows Explorer, right-click the folder entry and choose Properties > Security > Advanced > Edit > Edit, and give your users permissions to create files/folders, add data, etc., but not to delete or write attributes, etc.

What happens when you copy a shared folder?

No, once you copy the shared file it won’t get deleted from your drive even if the person stops sharing it with you. Here, a file that is shared by any person, deletes from his drive, then that file does not exist in that drive anymore, even for that person with whom he has shared that file.

How do I copy a folder from a shared folder?

If its direct parent is a shared folder, then go into that folder, select all files you want to copy, right-click on selected files and select “Make a Copy”. This will make a copy at “My Drive”. Later you can go to “My Drive” and manage those files into a folder or whatever you like to do.

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Does copy and paste keep permissions?

Permissions and Windows Fileshares

When copying a file (copy/paste) or moving it (cut/paste) from one volume to another (e.g., from Collab to Home), the file will lose the original permissions it had before the copy/move. So, for example, if you copy a file, mystuff.

Does Read permission allow copy?

If you grant read permissions to a file, you also grant the permission to copy that file’s contents to another medium. The only way to prevent the files in question from being copied is to deny read access to the files. You cannot have files be read only AND not copyable.

How do I copy a folder with permissions?

Press F for file and press D for directory. You can press D here. This will create a new directory and copy all the sub folders and files with the same permissions from the source.

What does Robocopy Mir do?

Built-in to Windows and updated continuously over new Windows releases, Robocopy remains a key tool when transferring files. Robocopy is a very powerful tool and specifically, the Robocopy /mir command allows for robust and useful file and folder mirroring across folders and network shares.

How do I copy a folder with ACL?

To copy an ACL between directories

  1. Verify that you have the l (lookup) permission on the source ACL and the a (administer) permission on each destination ACL. …
  2. Issue the fs copyacl command to copy a source ACL to the ACL on one or more destination directories.

What happens when a folder with NTFS permissions is copied to a shared folder on a FAT volume?

What happens when a folder with NTFS permissions is copied to shared folder on a FAT volume? The folder inherits the share permissions, but loses the NTFS permissions.

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What permissions do you need to copy a file?

For a real copy (as it is needed when you move the file to a different file system), you need read permissions on the file itself. No write permissions on the original are necessary, as deletion of a file is not writing to it (but to the directory it is in).